White-labeled solution

Rollet Pay is a brand new way of paying any vehicle related payments

Rollet Platform lets you integrate Rollet Pay into your applications, tailored to your needs, strengthening your brand.

Rollet pioneers payment-grade vehicle identification and access control. Apart from paid and private parking, Rollet provides technologies and services for other drive-through applications, like petrol stations, drive-through restaurants,
and practically anywhere you drive by car.

Rollet in your app

Add unique features such as discounts, coupons, statistics, loyalty programs, and custom services relevant to your business. Furthermore, Rollet Platform app users can optionally pay at any Rollet location on the planet.

Rollet availability

Every location in Rollet app becomes available in your white-labeled application. The number of Rollet Pay partners in Hungary is growing continuously. Drive-through payment is currently active in the parking sector and is available in more than 30 locations nationwide, including Budapest and several country towns, as well as at Debrecen International Airport.

Payment process

The user registers personal details, license plate number, and credit card information in your app.

Upon registration, contactless payment becomes immediately available to the customer’s car or even multiple cars. The automated payment process takes only 2 seconds.

After a successful transaction the user receives an e-receipt of the given service. Rollet Pay is also available for companies to claim VAT invoice through the app.

Integrate Rollet Pay into your service

The leading innovation in car payment technology.