Rollet Pay is a brand new way of paying any vehicle related payments

Wherever Rollet Pay is available, you are able to pay for your parking, car wash, drive through fast-food, petrol, or other fees fully automatically, without lifting a finger.


Rollet Pay allows any car to become the customer’s payment token, so the user can pay for the respective service in a parking facility, at a fuel station or at a drive-through restaurant just by showing up with their registered vehicle. The basis of the technology are the vehicle identification cameras, the locally installed IoT terminals, and the Rollet’s cloud connected payment systems.


The user registers personal details, license plate number, and credit card information in the app.

Upon registration, contactless payment becomes immediately available to the customer’s car (or multiple cars, for that matter). The automated payment process takes only 2 seconds.

After a successful transaction the user receives an e-receipt of the given service.



With the proprietary car identification technology, any vehicle is eligible for contactless car payment

Simple and automated

The payment process does not require any user interaction, the transaction is fully automatic


Users save 2 minutes per payment on average by eliminating the manual payment process

Explore the speed of future payments

Rollet Pay makes payments faster and easier compared to traditional cash and card transactions.