Explore the world of Rollet Pay

Rollet Pay brings fast, contactless payment transactions for drive-through scenarios with any car.

Pay for parking

No need for parking tickets, Rollet enables contactless payment for any parking service.

Pay at a shopping centres

Easily integrate automatic parking payments and loyalty programmes with Rollet.

Airport parking

Manage access and provide automatic parking payments when leaving the airport, and speed up traffic flow. 

Pay for refueling

Fast self-service solutions – just drive in and refuel, Rollet Pay takes care of payment, automatically.

Pay for car wash

Automate not only payments, but service selection as well for more convenient drive-throughs..

Hotel parking

Simplify your hotel’s parking lot for guest and public parking and ensure seamless drive-throughs with automatic payment.

Pay for fast food

Speed up food service by enabling automatic Rollet payments at your drive-through restaurants.

Pay for tolls

Enable fast and automated motorway toll payments on the go.

Parking at recreation parks

Give a brand new payment experience to your visitors besides entertaining – remove the pain of parking.

Integrate Rollet Pay into your service

Rollet Pay makes payments faster and easier than any cash or card transaction.

More products from Rollet

Rollet Platform

Integrate Rollet Pay features in your own apps and enterprise systems. 

Rollet Industrial

The leading traffic control system for offices and logistics zones.