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Hungarian startup introduced the new era of payments at MOVE 2020

Rollet is is one of the most exciting fintech companies in Hungary and also a technology that transforms any car into a giant credit card with a few simple steps in its mobile app, enabling seamless drive-through payments. The technologies enable any car to be identified via computer vision at payment-level security and speed for seamless drive-through payments, making off-street parking quicker, more convenient, and finally powerful enough for operators with high standards of service.

By providing the registration number of the car and the credit card data, all facilities equipped with the Rollet payment method automatically identifies the vehicle by its registration number at the entry/exit and opens the gate in a blink of an eye.

The parking fee can be paid automatically as well, so no need for tickets or cash anymore. Using Rollet any car becomes eligible to pay completely automatically, with zero interaction needed from the driver.

Whilst it is used mainly in parking facilities Rollet is a leader in any car-based payments for merchants such as petrol stations, fast-food restaurants – and practically anywhere you drive.

The application was launched in 2018 in the city of Debrecen, and instantly became one of the favourite features of the Smart City program. Thousands of drivers have been benefiting of it in the county capital. Moreover, it is now also available in Budapest at dozens of places since the summer of 2019.

Rollet was founded by CEO Andy Zhang and CFO Laszlo Fendrik who raised over 1,5 million euros from Hiventures Investment Fund and Solus Capital.

The Budapest-based company has been awarded and praised to be the most promising start-up enterprise of 2019 at the Property Forum of Vienna last year, and just a few days ago has been selected as one of the hottest start-ups in Europe by TNW.

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