Pay with your car, without stopping

The easiest way to pay for parking, fuel, dinner, or anything else.

"Drive out, and you’re done paying"

"A technology to watch out for!"

"TOP5 Hungarian startup in 2020"

Rollet Pay is the first hardware-free contactless drive-through payment service. Using Rollet VehicleID cameras, any car is able to pay completely automatically, with zero interaction needed from the driver.


Parking facilities

Give your visitors the fastest, most convenient parking experience ever, and improve your service even at peak traffic. Increase your parking facility’s utilisation with dynamic pricing, pass purchases and in-app live capacity display. 

Shopping malls

Super fast self-service solutions when buying petrol, freeway tickets, car wash or even shop products. Speed up checkout for fuel and other services with Rollet’s drive-through self-service system.


Fuel stations

Super fast self-service solutions when buying petrol, freeway tickets, car wash or even shop products. Accelerate checkout for fuel and other services with Rollet’s outdoor drive-through system.

Fast-food restaurant

Speed up food service by enabling automatic Rollet payments at your drive-through restaurants. Integrate Rollet Pay in your app and provide your guests the fastest food restaurant payment, ever.

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The future of payments, brought to you today

Rollet Pay makes payments faster and easier than any cash or card transaction.

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Rollet Platform

Integrate Rollet Pay features in your own applications and enterprise systems.

Rollet Industrial

The leading traffic control system for offices and logistics zones.


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Recent articles


The future of smart parking is already happening

11 June, 2020

The number of cars in cities are constantly increasing while the number of available parking spaces remain limited due to the lack of traffic throughput capacity. Motorists usually spend an average 1,5 hours a month to find space in the city centre, that equals an average 17 hours a year. Smart parking management makes off-street parking competitive by providing traffic congestion relief.


Importance of contactless payments during the coronavirus crisis

31 March, 2020

The global pandemic situation made companies develop their technology facilities to ensure their workers’ safer and easier working environments. Innovative solutions like contactless payments prevent us from paying with cash as viruses are proven to be viable on this surface as well. It becomes useless to use a hand disinfectant if then we pay with banknotes for the product or service we wish to buy.


Coronavirus implications change the way motorists park in Budapest

17 April, 2020

The new regulation on free public parking has been a significant turning point in Budapest’s traffic. In response to the pandemic prevention during the emergency phase of the novel coronavirus, the Hungarian government has introduced a decree about making street parking free nationwide, starting on 6th April.


Hungarian Fintech solution is on The Next Web’s TOP 5 list in 2020

26 March, 2020

The Next Web’s 2020 Tech5 selected Rollet as one of the most influential startups in Hungary. Rollet’s mobility innovation allows any car to become a payment token so the driver can pay for parking, fueling or at a drive-through restaurant just by driving by, without manually making a payment. No interaction is needed from customers because the payment process is fully automated, from car identification to a complete payment transaction.


Increase your parking facility’s capacity with a software

7 April, 2020

Based on motorists’ common experience there’s never been enough parking places at shopping centres, airports, or office buildings and high traffic destinations are getting increasingly crowded. Rollet uses software and hardware to automate as much of the parking process as possible, increasing throughput and thus freeing up capacity.


The new era of FinTech solutions: pay with your car

24 March, 2020

Rollet is a new payment service that enables drive-through payments with any car. With Rollet’s car recognition cameras, the vehicle becomes a payment token, therefore no manual cash or card payments and no queuing is needed in parking lots, at fuel stations, or at drive-through restaurants.

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